Twitter has been a hobby of mine for a long time. I enjoy tweeting and checking tweets. I remember the day my dad told me that employers check the social networks of their potential employees. I instantly became worried. Not that I was talking about inappropriate topics, but that I used poor grammar and I felt that employers would judge me for that. Since that day, I have been overly cautious of what I tweet. Since that day, I proof read my tweets to make sure that I use perfect grammar and have no misspelled words. My passion to make as few errors as possible writing even transferred over to my text messages. I am very leery when it comes to misspelled words and it causes me to review my texts and tweets multiple times. All in all, my father’s talk with me somewhat dictated the way I reread and correct my writing, regardless if it is being turned in for a grade or for millions of people to view. Image



Growing up, my parents were very involved in the church. We attended church every single Sunday. When I was younger I tried to read along, but I never could understand what the bible was saying. The bible was an advanced text, so my parents bought me a child version of the bible that dumbed down what it was saying. Having that dumbed down version, made it easier to understand and get into what the preacher was saying. As I got older my parents bought me a new bible, a teen edition. It was still dumbed down but for a teenager. My parents instituted bible readings throughout the week, where we would read the same passage from the bible and then talk about it. My family and I continue to do those weekly bible readings. My passion for reading the bible has progressively grown over the years and I read my bible just about 4 to 5 times a week. My understanding of it has increased and I enjoy reading the bible. Ultimately, after my first encounter with reading the bible at a young age, my passion to read it conImagetinually grows.


3The “True Blue” Jordan 3’s were the first pair of Jordan’s I had ever seen sell for more than their original price. My cousin owned a pair and I constantly remember his friend nagging him about how he wanted to buy them from him. My cousin loved the shoes and battled to not sell them. Eventually my cousin sold his pair for $215, when he originally bought them for $160. I was inspired and I started my own little business. I bought rare, high end Jordan’s and Nike’s and resold them for a profit. I spent countless hours researching and reading up on the rarest Jordan’s and shoes in general. I learned so much about shoes. I learned every single model of Jordan’s and how much each could be sold for. I also learned a lot of the terminology involved in selling shoes. If a shoe were dead stock, it meant that it had never been worn and the production of it had ceased. I successfully started my little business and sold a lot of shoes for a great profit. Still to this day I read up on rare shoes and which ones would be a god investment for me to buy and sell. Overall, if it weren’t for my cousin’s shoes, I probably wouldn’t like shoes and sell them today.


2Growing up, my dad subscribed me to Sports Illustrated for Kids. It was a great magazine that allowed me to understand sports and who the top athletes were. I learned a lot from this magazine. I grew up playing and watching many sports, so this magazine was very informative. I played basketball, football, hockey, and baseball. Learning the terminology for these sports was vital to my sports career. Knowing that PPG in basketball meant points per game, allowed for me to understand the averages of players presented in the magazine. My love for this magazine slowly grew and eventually I wanted to move on to a more advanced magazine. The easy became too easy and the text seemed like it was directed to a younger audience. I asked my dad to subscribe me to Sports Illustrated. My love for sports was slowly growing. My understanding of sports and the terminology drastically improved. This magazine has influenced why I read so many sports books and magazines. Still to this day I read Sports Illustrated.


1My love for the stock market and finance all started in the summer of 2011 when my Uncle told me to read this book. During that time I was transitioning from my sophomore year to my junior year. I was heavily into science and becoming a doctor, but a small part of me wanted to deal business and finances. After successfully reading this book from cover to cover, I fell in love with finance and wanting to help people improve their overall financial standing. In a sense this book, made me want to come to Purdue. Purdue had a world-renowned business school and I wanted to be a part of that. Also this book influenced me to read a multitude of financial books. I got hooked on watching CNBC. This book explained the necessary steps needed to become financially stable for generations. Ever since reading this book, I look at money differently now. I look at money in terms of a possible investment to build up and increase my assets. This book also helped me to understand the terminology and abbreviations for certain investments. Overall, this book influenced the way I read and understand financial situations and books.