Music has been in my life for a long time. I enjoy listening to music on a daily basis. My love for music originated back in 4th grade, the year 2004, when I started playing the trumpet. I didn’t really like playing trumpet but I did it because it made my parents happy. Basketball was my main love. I vividly remember in 2006, when my dad took me to Starbucks and my love for music and reading music changed. While in Starbucks there were Miles Davis CD’s on sale. My dad bought one for me. When I got home, I listened to it and I fell in love with it. Listening to the beautiful music, that CD inspired me to want to improve my trumpet skills. When I returned to school, I worked really hard to be able to read music and play it to the best of my ability. I saw improvement in my playing ability and reading ability. I quit playing the trumpet when I got to high school but that never stopped me from understanding and reading music. From time to time, I pull out some of my old sheet music to help me remember how to read music. I quiz myself on the different scales and notes. Ultimately, the Miles Davis CD really inspired me to be a better trumpet player as well as improve my music reading skills.



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