I received my first Apple electronic product in 2008. I was in the 8th grade and I was 13 years old. The first Apple product I ever bought was the Ipod Touch 1st Generation. I fell in love with my new Ipod. The quality of the product was amazing and almost instantly I dedicated my life to only buying Apple products. Since buying my first Ipod, I have had 2 Iphones, an Ipad, and 2 Apple Macbooks. The simplicity of Apple’s products makes me want to keep buying them. Apple is a company that is constantly coming out with new products. Also I am one of those tech people that like having the latest and greatest of products. Ever since buying my first product, I now do extensive research towards their new products. I read up on their new products to see if I want to upgrade and buy the newest devices. Ever since being exposed to my first Apple product, I have spent countless hours reading articles about their products and future products. Apple has opened my mind up to the technological world and now I read a lot on technology in general.


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