My passion for computer coding started in the summer of 2013.  In the summer of 2013, I took a semester worth of classes. One of the classes I was taking was Management 390. It was a class that introduced students to the different Microsoft Office products as well as basic computer coding. As a final project for the class, we each had to do some computer coding and build a website. At first, I found computer coding to be very challenging. As I started to get the hang of it, coding started to become fun. I successfully built the website and I got an A on the project. Since I took that class, my passion for coding has increased. I went out and bought a book that explained coding more in depth and showed more advanced codes to help improve my website. Coding in a sense is a language. When I code, it feels like I am writing in a different language. I continue to read my book from time to time to help me understand coding better. Since the world is starting to revolve around computers, I am thinking about minoring in computer science.


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