3The “True Blue” Jordan 3’s were the first pair of Jordan’s I had ever seen sell for more than their original price. My cousin owned a pair and I constantly remember his friend nagging him about how he wanted to buy them from him. My cousin loved the shoes and battled to not sell them. Eventually my cousin sold his pair for $215, when he originally bought them for $160. I was inspired and I started my own little business. I bought rare, high end Jordan’s and Nike’s and resold them for a profit. I spent countless hours researching and reading up on the rarest Jordan’s and shoes in general. I learned so much about shoes. I learned every single model of Jordan’s and how much each could be sold for. I also learned a lot of the terminology involved in selling shoes. If a shoe were dead stock, it meant that it had never been worn and the production of it had ceased. I successfully started my little business and sold a lot of shoes for a great profit. Still to this day I read up on rare shoes and which ones would be a god investment for me to buy and sell. Overall, if it weren’t for my cousin’s shoes, I probably wouldn’t like shoes and sell them today.


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